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One Trailer

Built Your Dream Food Trailer


Easy Pack-in & Easy Pack-Out.  Last thing your and your staff want to do after busy trading and also a windy & Rainy days, Pack-in & Pack-Out with Gazebo!

We share your pain! 

Our self also a is trade in mobile food business ,After years of experience setting and packing with classic Gazebo, challenge many issues, such as unhappy staff  or your self for pack-in pack-out all Equipment and food, Never mention breakage, back pain lifting all equipment.  

Let put an end for all these hassle, Get us to build your Food Trailer for you as your Spec and custom build interior with our selection.

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Food Trailer (Code: FT-200-490)
size: L*W=230*200cm ouside: 230*200*230cm inside: 210*187*195cm
Food Trailer (Code: AST-210-1650)
size: L*W=580*210cm ouside: 580*210*270cm inside: 560*200*200cm
Food Trailer (Code: Fc-165-510)
size: L*W=230*165cm ouside: 230*165*240cm inside: 210*147*195cm
Food Trailer (Code: FV-210S-2650)
size: L*W=880*210 outside: 880*210*260cm inside: 870*190*200cm
Food Trailer (Code: FT-165-490)
size: L*W=230*165cm ouside: 230*165*230cm inside: 210*148*185cm
Food Trailer (Code: FT-165-420)
size: L*W=230*165cm ouside: 230*165*230cm inside: 210*148*185cm
Food Trailer (Code: FT-165-640)
size: L*W=340*165cm ouside: 340*165*240cm inside: 320*148*185cm
Food Trailer (Code: FT-200-600)
size: L*W=280*200cm ouside: 280*200*230cm inside: 260*187*195cm
Food Trailer (Code: FT-200-910)
size: L*W=340*200cm ouside: 340*200*240cm inside: 320*187*195cm
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